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About Beaudry Homes

Beaudry Homes has been building residential homes since 1984.  This business was built the old fashioned way, with the time-tested foundational principles of honesty, quality, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. The Beaudry's build homes with structural integrity and aesthetic imagination. Each home is crafted with pride as if they were building their own personal home. 

Many homes have been built in the past 30 years.  The craftsmanship of each home is obvious from the minute you drive up to a Beaudry home Community.  They don't just build homes, they utilize the natural surroundings to add the final touches for the picture perfect home.

Beaudry Homes has built one house and one community at a time, growing steadily over the years. For the Beaudry's, building homes is far more than a business, it is a lifetime passion.  With their touches for convenience and elegance, they make each house a 'signature' home. After all, it has their name on it.
Fern Beaudry Sr. of Beaudry Construction

Fern Beaudry SR had a vision.

He built his own home at the age of 22

This gave him the innovation needed to envision his future in the Real Estate Business.  In 1984 Fern SR founded Beaudry Construction and made the commitment to build the very best homes in the very best neighborhood at the very best price.  In his portfolio you will find experience in both residential and commercial construction.

Fern hand picks all the skilled craftsmen to build your home to exceed his and your expectations.

JR Beaudry of Beaudry Construction

In 1992 out of college Fern JR (known as JR) join the firm……, full of energy and fresh ideas he brought Beaudry Construction to a new level. Jr attend many seminars and many classes. He is now a “Certified Green Home Builder” by the Home Builders of America.

A certification not so easy to get!

Like his father JR wears many color hats and also has a group of skilled contractors that he count’s on.

JR over sees every step in the building your home, from sales, ordering, designing, and helping his clients to customize their home to fit theirs needs all making sure the home is deliver on time.

“We truly found a better way to build” after all “Building is more than a Business ….it’s a lifetime passion