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Step-By-Step Construction | Beaudry Homes

You're involved from the start. We're involved beyond the finish.

At Beaudry Homes, we believe that the construction of your home should be a memorable and exciting time. Part of the excitement comes from understanding the building process and knowing what to expect. We will take each customer from the first construction phase to the final inspection where they are given the keys to their new home. Below, we have outlined a few of the key steps in the new home construction process that will help you better understand the Beaudry Homes experience. It's a chance for you to see the quality materials and disciplined approach to construction that go into the creation of your new home.  Please review the Limited entrance insurance form.

But the process doesn’t stop with construction.  It goes well beyond the time that you move into your new home to make sure that living in your home is more delightful than you’d imagined.

Step 1: Preconstruction

Verify the placement of your home on the lot and review the plans

Time for Tree hugging (time to view and try to save any trees near your home)

You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the construction timetable

 A final review of your floor plan and options

Step 2: Site Perpetration and Work

The first step Beaudry Homes takes to building quality homes in Connecticut is the foundation. Before excavating your foundation, Beaudry Homes will stake the layout of your home on the property. After staking and setting your home, excavation will begin. Beaudry Homes will then dig the hole and install the footing and foundation for your home.

Step 3: Framing and Mechanical

With the completion of the foundation, framing will begin and your new home will really start to take shape. After the framing is complete and the roof is installed the home will be prepared for your first home inspection and walkthrough

Beaudry Homes and yourself will review any and all Structural changes that were made

Review the electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC layout.

A complete review of cabinetry layout and interior door swings.

Drywall is stocked in the home while insulation, gas meters and permanent power connections are installed and finishes are scheduled

Step 4: Drywall Inspection


After cleaning up any drywall debris, the home will be safe for you to walk through you will have the opportunity to see the walls before painting

This is typically the final chance to change finishes in you New Home

All interior finishes are ordered at this time

Beaudry Homes will check all walls and ceilings for finish and consistency

Step 5: Finishing Touches

During this phase, door casings, baseboards, cabinets, countertops as well as many of the lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures are set.

Flooring is starting to put in place and finished

Once the cabinets, Trim and Priming of the walls are finished it will be time for you to come and see the transformation of your house turn into a home.

While many activities are occurring on the inside of your home, the outside of your home can become an equally busy place. The exterior of your home will begin to get its finish covering of stucco, brick, siding or stone. These various layers all function differently, yet all work together toward a common goal: to keep the elements out while providing a beautiful exterior appearance.

Step 6:   Finial Walk Through

Before your final walk-through, Beaudry Homes conducts its own quality control walk through to ensure everything is in proper working order and up to Beaudry standards.

When your home is finished,   A Beaudry Homes Manager will take you on a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures for all aspects of your home, mechanical components, appliances, etc. You will also be explained our service procedures.


You will be amazed at the amount of finish work that takes place in the last few weeks of the construction of your home. The transition from a construction site to a beautiful new home really comes together during this time.  Toward the end of the home building process you will have a Homeowner Orientation, also known as a Final Walk Through.

Within just a few days, your home will be ready for closing. The next time you walk into your new home, it will be to stay.