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Home Buying Tips

New vs. Pre-Owned

Every year, millions of people just like you enter the exciting world of homeownership. But buying a new   home can be overwhelming. For most of us, it's the biggest financial investment we'll ever make. The decision is easier when you discover the financial advantages and increased quality of life that come along with homeownership.

After a quick comparison, we think you'll agree there's no place like a home of your own.

Potential tax savings from your home and potential equity can be used to pay for your children to go to college.
  Your rent doesn't build a future.
You are in control of your monthly payment.
Your landlord controls your monthly expenses.
Your pets have a yard to play in.
Your pets are often unwelcome
You can try that new, designer painting technique in your bedroom.
You live with someone else's taste.
You do laundry whenever you feel like it.
You have to scrape together quarters each week to do laundry
Your children can play in your yard.
Your children play in a parking lot.
Mortgage interest is tax-deductible. The IRS's loss is your gain.
Rent is not tax-deductible.
Each mortgage payment could go toward building a nest egg for your family.
Every rent payment disappears forever
You have a garage.
You search for parking in the street
You have the pride of knowing you've accomplished a milestone.
It's someone else's.

Explore the Neighborhood

By spending time in the areas where you would most like to live, you will get a strong sense of their character. Walk through the neighborhood, visit the local stores, observe the traffic and explore the local parks and recreation facilities. It’s also a good idea to visit on different days and at different times of day.


At Beaudry Homes, we understand that “home” is more than just the roof over your head. It’s the familiar streets with barbecues and block parties. That’s why building neighborhoods that reflect your lifestyle is at the center of everything we do.

Innovative Design

With a new Beaudry Homes, you get the latest architectural design, home building technology and materials. We develop and introduce many new home plans every year, based on the growing needs of consumers and the input of our customers, employees and professional architects.

Energy Saving

Because new homes are built with the latest materials and techniques, they also provide enhanced energy efficiency. This can significantly reduce your

At a Beaudry Homes Design Center, you get the opportunity to personalize your home. From granite counter-tops to hardwood flooring, you have thousands of options to choose from to make your home a true reflection of your style.

Getting Started

Pre-Qualify Today

This is probably the most important first step you can take. By pre-qualifying for a loan, you’ll understand just how much home you can afford. This allows you to focus on homes that are within your budget. With our simple online pre-qualification form, Beaudry Homes makes it easy to begin the process.

Make Your Wish List

  • Create a list of your needs and use it as a guide to selecting the right home. To start, some items to consider are:
  • Current and future needs of your family
  • Square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Storage and cabinet space
  • Entertainment space (patio, great room, kitchen)
  • Neighborhood amenities
  • Proximity to quality schools, transportation, work, shopping and recreation