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New Lawn Maintence

We would like to thank you for the purchase of your new home. We have taken great pride in the construction of your new home. We hope you also show pride in it.

The care and maintenance of your new lawn is now in your hands. We at Beaudry Homes have installed your new lawn and given it fertilizer and nutrients for its survival. In order for the new lawn to take root it, should be watered 3 to 4 times a day for short intervals (10 min.). This will keep the seeds moist but not create any runoff. In 2 weeks you should fertilize your lawn again with a “New Lawn Fertilizer”; this will again give it nutrients for its thick growth. Only New Lawn Fertilizer should be used until the lawn has been mowed three times. In the third week you should also reseed your new lawn to help the lawn thicken up. We may have added hay to cover your lawn in order to give it shade to help it grow in this hot sun, or we may have Hydro seeded your lawn depending on the weather conditions. The hay will decompose in the coming weeks and richen the soil. There is no need rake this hay up.