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Home Construction (our property)

We have on going projects through out Hartford County.  We choose premier locations and convenience to our clients needs.

Beaudry Homes has built one house and one community at a time, growing steadily over the years. For the Beaudry's, building homes is far more than a business, it is a lifetime passion.  With their touches for convenience and elegance, they make each house a 'signature' home. After all, it has their name on it.

Custom Home Building (your property)

Residential construction is a real specialty for us here at Beaudry Homes. Our expertise in this area is built upon the 30 years of experience building single-family homes. Our clients will tell you how closely we work with them from the very beginning, and how much they appreciate the way we encourage their participation at every step along the way.

Your home remodel can go smoothly with the help of Beaudry Homes contractors. In order for the remodel to be successful, you need the help of experts who know the safety codes, the right materials, who are knowledgeable about the latest trends, who have plenty of experience and who are licensed and insured. Beaudry Homes will ensure the quality and excellent craftsmanship you require